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Kirix Strata Beta 3 Now Available

Hello all, we’re quite happy to announce that we’ve got our third beta version up and available for download. Here are the major features/bug fixes that made it into this version:

  • Vastly improved Oracle connectivity.
  • A bunch of MySQL connectivity bug fixes.
  • Import wizard refinements, including a better interface for choosing what type of file you wish to import.
  • Loads of other bug fixes based on user feedback.

Also, we’ve done some work in the area of scripting and extensions that should be highlighted:

  • Extensions can now be enabled/disabled from the extension manager.
  • With scripting, you are now able to load and execute function calls to DLLs and shared libraries — a special shout out to kapex01 for suggesting this feature, we think it adds a lot of really cool possibilities for using Strata as a platform for combining the best of desktop with the best of the web.
  • Also now with Strata’s scripting, you can directly access window handles for forms and controls.

Thanks again to everyone for posting bugs and feature suggestions in the forums and via our bug feedback form, it is a tremendous help!

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  1. Techpaulogy says:

    All Your (data)Base Are Belong To Us

    Online databases, be warned: you are mine. I just ran across a web broswer from Kirix, called Strata, that’s really a data browser Kirix Strata is a new specialty browser for accessing and manipulating data from the web. View and