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SetFrame deprecated?

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SetFrame deprecated?

Postby Spicerun on Fri Nov 03, 2006 1:55 pm


I'm compiling a previous version of my app on wxWidgets-2.7.1 that used to use the standalone wxAUI-0.92 library and worked fine. Now that I'm using wxWidgets-2.7.1's version of wxAUI, I'm getting error messages saying that wxAUI:SetFrame is deprecated. Seems like I found somewhere where I read that I should use SetManagedFrame instead?

Also, unhappily, my window sizing has also stopped working by just moving from wxWidgets-2.6.3 with wxAUI-0.92 to wxWidgets-2.7.1 with built-in wxAUI.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks for any info.


My binutils=2.17, gcc = 4.1.1, running under Gentoo with Gnome-2.16.
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Postby Ben on Mon Nov 06, 2006 1:21 am

Hi there,

Yes, SetFrame() is deprecated. We decided to allow all windows to be managed by wxAuiManager-- basically any wxWindow* pointer. We decided then that the name SetFrame() didn't make much sense anymore. So, yes, the new name is SetManagedWindow(). It does the same thing.

Relating to your sizing problem: If you have an MDI window, the problem was fixed in wxWidgets CVS last night. If you want to fix it right now with 2.7.1, then just handle your frame's OnSize() and leave the handler blank.

If your not using MDI, I don't yet know what's causing your problem. I'd be happy to take a close look.

All the best,
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