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2 bugs (?) and 1 question concerning AUINotebook

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2 bugs (?) and 1 question concerning AUINotebook

Postby jesusphreak on Mon Mar 05, 2007 2:56 am

Hi, I've been checking out AuiNotebook lately, and I have two apparent bugs and also a question concerning it.

1. It seems (and I could be wrong on this), that even when specifying not to have a border as a style for the notebook itself, a 1px grey border still shows up at the bottom of it on the Mac. I'm almost positive that this isn't the case under Windows, but it was something that caught my eye in OS X, and I know it is the case because if I just have a frame open with a status bar at the bottom, there is no border, but if I add an AUINotebook control to that frame, the border shows up.

2. TextCtrl will not work with AUINotebook properly on the Mac. If you have two TextCtrls in two separate pages of a notebook, and you are only displaying a single one at a time, and you switch back and forth between them (again only displaying one TextCtrl at a time), there is no problem. However, if you drag one of the tabs to 'split' the frames, and you click on one of them and edit the text, you cannot click back to the other one and edit the text. Closing one of the pages or merging the tabs to again only display a single TextCtrl fixes this. Also I haven't observed the same problem with the StyledTextCtrl (wrapped Scintilla) component, and it wasn't a problem on Windows.

3. Is there any way to control exactly how far a tab must be dragged to create a new 'splitter' frame? For example, if you have two tabs and you want separate them into two sub-frames, you must drag the tab all the way to the bottom to get it to split. Is there a way to make it to where you'd only have to drag the tab to the middle to achieve the same result?

I love this library, so thanks a lot for it. Thank you also for any answers.
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Postby Ben on Thu Mar 08, 2007 5:55 am


Thanks for your email. Here's what I know:

1) either the one-pixel line is the left-overs of the proportional sizing in sizers, or it is an actual border of the aui layout. It is not the border as would be specified by wxNO_BORDER or wxSIMPLE_BORDER. You can try to disable by getting the aui manager from the notebook control, getting the art provider from the manager, then setting the border size to 0.

2) My instinct tells me that this is a problem with the reparenting mechanism on wxWidgets on the Mac. I don't think this is specifically a wxWidgets problem.

3) Right now this value is unfortunately hard-coded. You'll have to go into the code and change it. I'm sorry that it's not more configurable.

I hope this helps.

All the best,
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