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Maximize and Restore Panes

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Maximize and Restore Panes

Postby evstevemd on Sat Jan 01, 2011 7:50 am

I'm using wxAui with frame having four panels. Here is a code creating them:
Code: Select all
//set Managed Windows
//setup panels
Panel1* p1 = new Panel1(this);
Panel2* p2 = new Panel2(this);
Panel3*  p3 = new Panel3(this);
Panel4* p4 = new Panel4(this);

appMgr.AddPane(p1, wxAuiPaneInfo().Name(wxT("Panel 1")).Top().MaximizeButton(false).Centre().CloseButton(false).Caption(_("Panel 1")));
appMgr.AddPane(p4, wxAuiPaneInfo().Name(wxT("Panel 4")).Right().MaximizeButton(false).CloseButton(false).Caption(_("Panel 4")));

appMgr.AddPane(p2, wxAuiPaneInfo().Name(wxT("Panel 2")).Bottom().MaximizeButton(false).CloseButton(false).Caption(_("Panel 2")));
appMgr.AddPane(p3, wxAuiPaneInfo().Name(wxT("Panel 3")).Bottom().MaximizeButton(false).CloseButton(false).Caption(_("Panel 3")));

Now I want to be able to Maximize one Pane to take over whole space and Be able to restore the Panels layout.
How can I do that? Especially the Non Center panes?
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Re: Maximize and Restore Panes

Postby wyndella on Sat Jan 08, 2011 4:47 pm

You should set MaximizeButton(true) then maximize should work for all panes except the CentrePane.

The help says "Centre panes usually do not have caption bars." which means that adding maximize here has no effect.
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