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wxGetTopLevelParent() and Text selection with docked pane

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wxGetTopLevelParent() and Text selection with docked pane

Postby sarduker on Wed Apr 13, 2011 10:48 am


since developing under wxGTK (Fedora 14 x86_64) I discovered a text
selection bug in panes containing a wxTextCtrl. With wxMSW everything
works fine.

As I am using a wxProgressDialog in the original code it can be
easily reproduced with the aui sample
by adding the following code at the end of the MyFrame constructor:

Code: Select all
   wxWindow *topParent = wxGetTopLevelParent(this);
   if (topParent != NULL)

If I mark an arbitrary text segment within the "Text Pane with Hide Prompt"
and set the focus - for example - to the Tab "Welcome to wxAUI", the marked
text will disappear as long as the pane does not regain focus.

While the pane is undocked during disabling/enabling there is no such
behaviour afterwards.

May somebody has a hint for me?

Thanks in advance!
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