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Resizing multiple centre panes

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Resizing multiple centre panes

Postby Julian Smart on Fri Sep 07, 2007 9:05 am


I have a frame with a number of centre panes in a vertical layout, which works great (similarly to the old wxFoldBar from contrib). I can view any combination of panes, hide panes, and quickly maximize and restore a pane. There's just one problem - none of the sashes work, for resizing the panes.

I commented out the first wxAUI_DOCK_CENTER test in wxAuiManager::OnLeftDown, namely:

if (part->dock && part->dock->dock_direction == wxAUI_DOCK_CENTER)

and now it works fine. Is there any bad side-effect of this, does anyone know, or can I commit this to SVN? I haven't been able to detect a problem with it. Or is there another way of achieving a vertical stack of panes without using centre panes but still have space distributed evenly amongst them when the frame is resized?


Julian Smart
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Re: Resizing multiple centre panes

Postby Ben on Fri Sep 07, 2007 9:56 am

Hi Julian,

The multiple center-paned concept kind of developed over time. At the beginning, we thought people would only use one center pane. However, it turns out that people use multiple center panes all the time.

If you don't detect any adverse side effect, feel free to uncomment that test condition.

All the best,
Ben Williams
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