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Local file and change address

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Local file and change address

Postby inghil on Sat Oct 16, 2010 5:44 am

I would understand if with wxWebConnect I can read local file (I hope it), and more important if I can change the address of a request page..

I explein better: if user click on a link that is "file:///page1.htm" can I modify request and ask immediately that wxWebConnect show "file:///page1_SECURE.htm" instead?
(if yes can you give me some exemple or some help to understand the right way?)

Just another thing, wxWebConnect can read some webarchive type (exemple mhtml)?

Thank you :D
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Re: Local file and change address

Postby jonmmorgan on Mon Oct 18, 2010 8:43 am

It is possible to use the file protocol.

It is also possible to register for the event EVT_WEB_OPENURI on a web control. The event gives you the URI that is being opened. I think you could then call OpenURI() on the web control again to open your new URI (you might have to call Veto() on the event). Be aware that this call to OpenURI would again trigger the event, which means you need to make sure your event processing doesn't go into an infinite loop (e.g. in your example, by only doing a redirect if "_SECURE" was not in the URI).

I don't have any example code for this.
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