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small request for patches...

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small request for patches...

Postby Infinity77 on Mon Dec 18, 2006 4:51 pm

Hi Ben,

I am a wxPython user, and I have translated (long time ago) wxAUI 0.9.2 to Python. Now that wxAUI is wrapped into wxPython, I don't need the Python version anymore.
However, there were a couple of nice patches for which I would like to ask if it is possible to integrate them in wxAUI:

1) The first one was created by astigsen and it was related to ModernDockArt, which basically uses wxUxTheme to draw theme-compliant buttons, backgrounds and so on. It is posted here: ... c.php?t=77

As for "standard" wxPython users it is very complicated to modify wxWidgets source and then compile wxPython using SWIG, would it be possible to integrate it in wxAUI, please?

2) I don't remember if this patch was posted or it was my Python implementation of it: sometimes it may be nice to draw "grips" within sashes to enphasize the sashes themselves. So I defined this style:


Then, in the DrawSash method:

Code: Select all
    def DrawSash(self, dc, orient, rect):

        dc.DrawRectangle(rect.x, rect.y, rect.width, rect.height)

        draw_sash = self.GetMetric(AUI_ART_DRAW_SASH_GRIP)
        if draw_sash:
            self.DrawSashGripper(dc, orient, rect)

The method DrawSashGripper is very easy:

Code: Select all
    def DrawSashGripper(self, dc, orient, rect):


        if orient == wx.HORIZONTAL:  # horizontal sash
            x = rect.x + int((1.0/4.0)*rect.width)
            xend = rect.x + int((3.0/4.0)*rect.width)
            y = rect.y + (rect.height/2) - 1

            while 1:
                dc.DrawRectangle(x, y, 2, 2)
                dc.DrawPoint(x+1, y+1)
                x = x + 5

                if x >= xend:


            y = rect.y + int((1.0/4.0)*rect.height)
            yend = rect.y + int((3.0/4.0)*rect.height)
            x = rect.x + (rect.width/2) - 1

            while 1:
                dc.DrawRectangle(x, y, 2, 2)
                dc.DrawPoint(x+1, y+1)
                y = y + 5

                if y >= yend:

You basically get this effect: ... pment.jpeg

I know that maybe the effect is small, but it might be useful. Sorry for the Python code, my knowledge of C++ is very limited.

Thank you for reading this.

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Postby Ben on Tue Dec 19, 2006 1:07 am

Hi Andrea,

This is very nice stuff. Yes, I know about ModernDockArt (and like it very much!) There was a big rush to get wxAUI 0.9.3 ready to be integrated, including lots of bug fixes and name changes. In all this busyness I didn't have a chance, as I desired, to look into integrating ModernDockArt. This is something I still want to do.

As for the gripper code, I like it and will likewise discuss integrating it with the others. I might note that the GTK version has the grippers by default.

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