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switching between wxGrid and wxTextCtrl

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switching between wxGrid and wxTextCtrl

Postby platform on Tue Jun 26, 2007 9:09 am

Good Afternoon,
I apologize in advance if my question should be directed to
other forums (please let me know if that's the case).

Here is my issue:
I am using wxAUI included in wxWidget 2.8.4 on XP with
Visual C++ 2005 (32 bit) when linked with wxWidget static libraries
(and I also use boost::signals)

I am essentially creating a 'spreadsheet like' application.
So I am using directly the AUI example
where the GRID and textCtrl are created into separate Panes.

What I want to do is to every time a user clicks a cell on wxGrid
the cell value is read into the TextCtrl class.

So I am doing in the following way:

a) Intercept wxGrid OnCellChange,
b) read the cell value in a variable.
c) find using the PaneInfo the TextCtrl instance (it is another pane)
d) call a method in TextCtrl to 1) clear the context of the text
2) write the value of the Grid cell into the wxTextCtrl

e) call ev.Skip in the OnCellChange

the way I do d) (specifically calling a function of the wxTextCtrl
from within the wxGrid instance is using the boost signals
(but I also tried to call Update/Clear on textCtrl right from within grid's OnCellChange)

the problem is
that A) the text control never gets updated

the GRid cell movement using keyboard keys stops working
(although I think this is a separate problem, and I am not calling ev.Skip()
somewhere else)

So I was thinking that I should force the chance of the 'Window focus'
to the pane where the text control is... but there is no apparent way
to do that.

I also read a blog Article by Dmitry about using the 'Connect' method
for event handlers, but a) I am not clear on how to use it
b) I am not sure it will resolve my problem.

I actually do not have a problem updating the Grid's cells from within the textControl,
It is the other way: updating the textControl value when a Grid cell is selected...

thanks in advance
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Re: switching between wxGrid and wxTextCtrl

Postby platform on Tue Jul 03, 2007 11:52 pm

Figured out what the problem was.

I was using wxauitest.cpp as the example for my main app. And it created many panes with many text controls. (with the same Pane name)

And since I was searching for the text window to update by the pane name,
I was getting a different window from the one that was actually active (so I was updating with text the window whose pane was hidden).

The reason why Grid updates worked was because there was only one Grid pane.
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