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Toolbar Orientation Auto Switching

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Toolbar Orientation Auto Switching

Postby red_team316 on Wed Feb 25, 2009 1:33 am

Hello, I would like to express my interest in getting the toolbars to automatically switch to vertical when docked or floating on the left or right and horizontal when docked or floating on the top or bottom. I know NinjaNL has a patch for this and supposedly Kirix has an unreleased addition of some sort. Can someone give me any information on the status of this addition?

I'm fairly new to wxWidgets but learning fast. I chose it simply for two reasons, using wxAUI to achieve floating/dockable toolbars, and the fact that it is cross-platform.

I am currently developing a CAD application in OpenGL with wxGTK on Kubuntu, so I will be using wxGLCanvas. I plan to have the GLwindow floating/dockable also, but it will always dock center. I'm not 100% on how OpenGL interacts with wxAUI quite yet so I'm just using a frame centered at the moment while trying to get toolbar functionality added. The toolbars float and dock pretty decent for the most part(sometimes its hard to get one to float), but I'm having trouble getting it to detect what side it is even docked on. Ben stated that this shouldn't be too hard but didn't provide an example of how to implement it. Any pointers?
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Re: Toolbar Orientation Auto Switching

Postby ranmori on Mon May 25, 2009 3:45 am

Thanks red_team316 for sharing. That was a fun experience :wink:
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