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wxWebConnect as dll

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wxWebConnect as dll

Postby Allonii on Mon Oct 31, 2011 9:31 am


I have made a dll out of the wxWebConnect library and load it during runtime. Everything works fine the first time I load the dll but as soon as I reload that dll the application crashes.

The crash is due the wxWebControl constructor where I get an access violation. Here is the stack frame

<frame level="0" function="DumpJSEval" offset="00015ce7"/>
<frame level="1" function="gfxFont::NotifyLineBreaksChanged" offset="0001848b"/>
<frame level="2" function="gfxFont::NotifyLineBreaksChanged" offset="00019229"/>
<frame level="3" function="gfxAlphaBoxBlur::operator=" offset="00016b0b"/>
<frame level="4" function="NS_DebugBreak_P" offset="00002a0b"/>
<frame level="5" function="NS_DebugBreak_P" offset="00002b7a"/>
<frame level="6" function="gfxAlphaBoxBlur::operator=" offset="00021263"/>

Does anyone have an idea what might cause this?

EDIT: I checked with the debugger and it seems to me that many of the xulrunner dlls are not unloaded. I think perhaps that's causing the problem. Perhaps a better questions might be. How to I unload the xulrunner?
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