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Window furniture

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Window furniture

Postby abligh on Sun Jan 01, 2006 2:36 pm

Is it possible to control the Window furniture of a pane, so that whenever it floats, controls such in the titlebar can be left off? (specifically, I'd like to remove all the buttons in the title bar except the close box - withotu this vertical toolbars don't work well).

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Postby Ben on Sun Jan 01, 2006 2:53 pm

As it stands in wxAUI 0.9, the following styles exist for controlling caption buttons:

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        buttonClose           = 1 << 24,
        buttonMaximize        = 1 << 25,
        buttonMinimize        = 1 << 26,
        buttonPin             = 1 << 27

Right now, these only control the buttons shown on the pane caption in the docked mode, and, as of 0.9, maximize and minimize are not yet implemented (though this is rather trivial).

The solution would be to create a patch which also adds styles for the available frame buttons when in floating mode, e.g.

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        buttonFrameClose           = 1 << 24,
        buttonFrameMaximize        = 1 << 25,
        buttonFrameMinimize        = 1 << 26,

I don't yet know the wisdom of doing this-- just food for thought. Adding those styles would allow complete flexibility in determining available pane buttons. One other option would just be to have wxAUI respect docked pane button states also on an undocked floating pane as well.

Another option would be to create a patch that added some global frame flags variable which all frames would adhere to.

Yet another option would be to create a floating event which the owner could intercept. When a window is floated, the event would be fired, and the owner could then modify the frame flag variables used to create the frame window.

All possible options...the trick is choosing the right one.

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