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Changing toolbar orientation as it docks

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Changing toolbar orientation as it docks

Postby Raygun on Tue Sep 12, 2006 2:47 am

Hello, everyone!

Here's what I'd like to do (but don't know how to :wink:) - I would like my wxAUI - controlled toolbar to change it orientation (vertical/horizontal) as I move it around and dock. I've seen in in Kirix Strata demo (not to mention in many non-wx apps out there).

I guess I could change the orientation myself, but the problem is - I need to be able to react when wxAUI decides that my toolbar is going to get docked. So far, I havent found any appropriate events. Is this even possible now? Or do I have to hack wxAUI itself?

Thanks for reading! 8)
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Postby Ben on Wed Sep 13, 2006 7:07 am


The current version of Kirix Strata was released in the (dark) days of FL. The next version, which currently is using wxAUI, is still in development.

Basically, as of right now, the functionality you are looking for is not yet done. We certainly intend to put that functionality in wxAUI. If you want to be the one to do that, we'd appreciate the patch. Otherwise, we'll do it, because it's required functionality for us too.

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