Adding Individual Records to a Table

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Performing Standard Data Operations > Adding and Removing Data > Adding Individual Records to a Table


If you have an existing data set, you can manually add new records to the bottom of the table.  Please see Appending Records to a Table if you wish to append an entire table to an existing data set.


To add individual records to an existing data set, scroll to the bottom of the table.  The last records is blank and has a plus sign ("+") in the row header area.  Double-click in the cell next to the plus sign and a new blank row will appear where you can enter your data.  Then double-click on the blank cell to get a cursor where you can add your data:




To add additional rows, just double-click on the bottom blank row again to create new blank records and continue adding new data.



NOTE 1:  In order to add data to a table, you must first go to the Edit menu and make sure that "Protect Data" is not turned off (unchecked).


NOTE 2:  If you sort or filter on a data set, you can no longer add new records to that data set until the sort or filter is removed.