Appending Records to a Table

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Performing Standard Data Operations > Adding and Removing Data > Appending Records to a Table


If you have a table or multiple tables with the same structure that you wish to append to an existing data set, you can use the append operation.  However, in order to use this, the data files must have the same structure (identical field names, etc.).  If the second table has additional fields unique to it, those will not be appended to the original table.


To append data to a table, do the following:


1.  Open the table where you'd like to append records.  This table/tab must have the focus for the append to work correctly.


2.  Select "Append Records" from the Data menu.


3.  Select the tables from the project panel that contain the records you want to append and drag them to the Append dialog.  If you accidentally add the incorrect table and wish to remove it, you can select the item and then either drag it out of the Append dialog or just click the Delete key.




4.  Confirm that the data table you wish to append to is in the header of the append dialog, then click the OK button to run the append operation.



NOTE:  In order to append data to a table, you must first go to the Edit menu and make sure that "Protect Data" is turned off (unchecked).