Backing Up Projects

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It is advised to occasionally back up your Projects in order to protect yourself from unexpected data loss.  It is best to save backups in an external location away from your primary data storage.  There are two ways to back up your projects:


1.  The best way to back up an entire Project, including all data, folders, scripts, reports, etc. is to find the project on your hard drive and make a copy of the entire project folder.  For most Windows users, your projects will normally be stored on the following path: [Documents]\Kirix Strata Projects\Default Project


Within the "Kirix Strata Projects" folder will be individual folders for each of your projects.  Find the project you wish to back up and make a copy of that project.  It is also recommended you zip your backup file in order to conserve space.


2.  You may also backup individual tables within a project by exporting to a KPG file.