Deleting Records from a Table

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Strata also provides you with the ability to permanently remove records from a table by deleting them.  This is often useful when you need to cut down the number of records in a table or just remove unimportant data.


You can delete data in a few different ways, from deleting an individual record to deleting records based on a custom formula.


Deleting Individual Records


To quickly delete individual records in a table, simply select the records you wish to delete (use CTRL or SHFT to select multiple records) and right-click on the row header.  Click on the "Delete Record(s)" option to delete the individual records permanently.



Deleting Records Based upon Criteria in a Cell


You can quickly delete a subset of records from a table based on criteria in a given cell.




In this example, we will delete all records in the table where the Vendor Name is equal to "AVIVA FOODS."  To delete in this way, do the following:


1. Right-click on the cell that contains the criteria you want to use as the basis for deleting records, then move the mouse over "Delete Records".


2. Select one of the options from the "Delete Records" sub-menu, such as deleting records equal to the value, greater than the value, etc.



Deleting Records Based upon a Formula


You can also use a custom formula to delete a group of records from your table.  To do this, select "Delete Records" from the Data menu and the following dialog will appear:




You must enter a Boolean formula with the appropriate criteria that matches the records you wish to delete.  In the example above, we would delete all records when the field "Vend_name" was equal to "AVIVA FOODS".



NOTE:  In order to append data to a table, you must first go to the Edit menu and make sure that "Protect Data" is turned off (unchecked).