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Below are explanations and links related to the items in the Edit Menu:





Undoes the last action in a Report or Script.




Redoes the last Undo action in a Report or Script.




Cuts the selected text when editing a cell in a datasheet or a report.




Copies the selected text to the clipboard.  You can then paste the text elsewhere using the paste command.




Paste the texts stored in the clipboard.




Deletes rows or columns from a datasheet.


Select All


Selects all items available in the window, such as text in a web page, data in a datasheet or cells in a report section.




Opens the find panel, which enables searching within datasheets and web pages.




Open the find and replace panel, which enables replacing text in the script editor.


Go To...


Opens a Go To dialog, which enables you to select a record number in a datasheet and be taken directly to that record.


Protect Data


When selected, protects datasheets from being edited.  This includes editing individual cells, appending, deleting, and replacing records and adding new records to a datasheet.  Removing the checkmark provides access to editing your data via these methods.