Editing and Replacing Data

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In addition to adding new data, you may need to edit data in an existing table or replace a series of data records.


For instance, you may be reviewing a data set and see that an incorrect value makes your analysis inconsistent.  For example you may have a value "P.O. Box 1111" which, for your analysis, should actually read "PO Box 1111".  This would be an opportunity to use the editing functionality in Strata to change this value on a per cell basis.


Or, you may have a large number of addresses that were entered incorrectly and would like to obtain uniformity for these records.  This would be an opportunity to use the replace/update operation in Strata to change all of these records at once.  For example, let's say you had a field named Address where most records were in the "PO Box" format but some others were in the "P.O. Box" format.  You may use a replace operation to transform the syntax in each of those cells from "P.O." to "PO".  See Replacing and Updating Records in a Table for information how to do this type of  data operation.



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