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Below are explanations and links related to the items in the File Menu:





Creates a new document.  When New is selected, the menu expands and displays New > Tab, Table, Report, Query, Script. Select the desired document and the new document type will open in a tab.




Displays an Open dialog, which enables you to open files from your local system, including data files, html files and scripts.




Closes the current window or tab.




Saves an untitled data set, report, query or script to your Project.


Save As


Makes a copy of an already-saved data set to the current Project or to an external database system.


Save As External...


Saves an untitled or saved file directly to your local system.  Files can be saved in a variety of different formats.


Bookmark This Location


Bookmarks the current web page  or data table you are visiting to the Bookmark Toolbar.  Provides the same functionality as the Bookmark icon (star) on the Navigation Toolbar.




Most commonly used to refresh a Web page.  However, can also be used to refresh a table view when working on a shared project.




Opens an import dialog, which enables the importing of multiple data files to your project at one time.  Another option for importing data is using the Open dialog along with Save.




Opens an export dialog,which enables the exporting of multiple data files to your project at one time.  Another option for exporting data is the Save As External dialog.


Create Connection...


Displays a dialog to create a direct connection to an external database or file folder.




Opens the project manager, which enables you to open existing projects or create new ones.


Page Setup...


Opens a page setup dialog, which allows customization of the page for printing reports.




Opens a print dialog, which enables you to send reports to your printer or print Web pages.




Closes the software, similar to clicking the "X" on the top right corner of the software.