Filtering Records in a Table

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When analyzing data, it is often very handy to be able to filter on specific records in order to limit the size and scope of your data set.  This section explains how to filter data by simply using the criteria in a given cell or by creating a more advanced custom formula.



Filtering Records Based upon Criteria in a Cell


You can quickly filter a subset of records from a table based on criteria in a given cell.





In this example, we will filter all records in the table where the Vendor Name is not equal to "AVIVA FOODS" (i.e., filter the data set to show all records except where the vendor name is "AVIVA FOODS").  To filter in this way, do the following:


1. Right-click on the cell that contains the criteria you want to use as the basis for filtering records, then move the mouse over "Filter Records".


2. Select one of the options from the "Filter Records" sub-menu, such as filtering records equal to the value, greater than the value, etc.



Filtering Records Based upon a Formula


You can also use a custom formula to filter a group of records from your table.  To do this, select "Filter" from the Data menu and the following dialog will appear:





As shown above, you need to enter in a Boolean formula with the appropriate criteria that matches the records you wish to filter.  In the example above, we would filter the data set when the field "Vend_name" does not contain "AVIVA FOODS" (i.e., show everything but "AVIVA FOODS").


Click the OK button and the filter operation will begin.  Once it is finished, the data set will be reduced on the screen to only the filtered data.



Removing a Filter


Once a filter is in place, it is simple to remove it and return to your original data set.  To remove a filter, do one of the following:


1.Select "Remove Sort/Filter" from the Data menu.
2.Select the "Quick Filter" icon from the Navigation Toolbar, which should be activated.  Clicking the icon will deactivate your filter.