Inserting and Removing Group Breaks

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Performing Standard Data Operations > Grouping and Summarizing Data > Inserting and Removing Group Breaks


Sometimes it is useful to be able to visually show groups of data within the grid.  Strata enables you to do this with group breaks.


A group break is a visual representation of groups on the screen.  They are a great way to quickly and visually break up the data on screen without affecting the underlying data.


This data table shows group breaks based upon the fields "Category" and "Sub_cat" -- any time this group changes,a bar is inserted to designate a new group:




To insert a group break, you simply highlight the field you wish to group on, right-click on the field header and select "Insert Group Break."  As noted in the example above, you can also group on multiple fields.  If you select multiple columns, the grouping operation will give precedence to fields from left to right.


To remove group breaks, simply right-click on the any field header and select "Remove Group Breaks."