Installing Extensions

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Extensions are scripts that have been packaged up so they are more easily deployed and shared with other people.  Extensions are denoted as *.kxt files.  To add an extension, open up the Extensions dialog by select Extensions from the Tools menu.

Click on the Add Extensions button found at the bottom left of the dialog.  You may then browse for the *.kxt file on your computer that you wish to install.  When you open the file, the Extension dialog will show your extension in the list.  To install the extension, click the "Start Now"button.  Or, if you'd rather wait, the extension will be installed the next time you start the software.


To uninstall and extension, simply open the Extensions dialog, click the extension you with to remove and select the Uninstall button.  The extension will be uninstalled when you restart the software.


For further information on developing extensions, please contact us.