Accessing and Saving Data

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Before you can being analyzing data, you need to be able to access it.  Because data comes in a many different formats and exists in many different locations, Strata offers a wide range of options for accessing and using data.


In addition, after you have finished performing your analysis, you may also need a method for saving your file, transforming it into a different format, or exporting it to a different system.  Strata offers easy-to-use data integration/transformation tools to perform this work as well.


In general, Strata makes it intuitive to just open data sources -- either from your PC, the web or directly from a database system -- and start using the data immediately.  Then, if you wish, you can save the data set to your Strata project or save it elsewhere, either as a local file type or directly to your database source.  Strata also offers more traditional means of importing and exporting data for those circumstances that require it.



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