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REGEXP() is a powerful text-matching function that can be used three ways.


1.It can be used to match and return a portion of a string that matches a regular expression specified in the second parameter of the function.
2.It can be used to return a sub-portion of a string matching a regular expression, referencing the part of the regular expression enclosed in parentheses with a third, numeric parameter.
3.It can be used to return a new string that replaces parts of the original string matching a regular expression with new values, specified by a third, string parameter.



Function Format


REGEXP(string, match string [, string | number]) 



Return Value


REGEXP() returns a character string 





REGEXP("2.71828 IS LESS THAN 3.14159", "[0-9.]+") = "2.71828" 


REGEXP("2.71828 IS LESS THAN 3.14159", "([0-9.]+)([^0-9.]+)([0-9.]+)", 1) = "2.71828" 


REGEXP("2.71828 IS LESS THAN 3.14159", "([0-9.]+)([^0-9.]+)([0-9.]+)", 3) = "3.14159" 


REGEXP("2.71828 IS LESS THAN 3.14159", "([0-9.]+)([^0-9.]+)([0-9.]+)", "$3 IS CALLED 'PI'") = "3.14159 IS CALLED 'PI'"