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RFIND() searches for the search string in the other string. RFIND() returns the character index of the nth occurrence of the search string in the other string, starting from the right side of the string. If no occurrence number is specified, RFIND() returns the first occurrence, starting from the right side of the string. If the search string cannot be found or the occurrence number listed runs past the left of the input string, RFIND() returns zero.



Function Format


RFIND(string, search string [, occurrence]) 



Return Value


RFIND() returns an integer 





RFIND("Green apples taste better than red apples and all other types of apples.", "apples") = 66 


RFIND("Green apples taste better than red apples and all other types of apples.", "oranges") = 0 


RFIND("Green apples taste better than red apples and all other types of apples.", "apples", 1) = 66 


RFIND("Green apples taste better than red apples and all other types of apples.", "apples", 2) = 36 


RFIND("Green apples taste better than red apples and all other types of apples.", "apples", 3) = 7 


RFIND("Green apples taste better than red apples and all other types of apples.", "apples", 4) = 0