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Since Strata is a web browser, it lets you save bookmarks and links that you encounter when interacting with the web.  For instance, if you identify a website you wish to return to, you can save that site as a bookmark.  Additionally, if you find a data set (in CSV or RSS format) that you'd like to link to, you can also bookmark the data set directly.  One of the benefits of linking data sets directly is that each time you open them, the data refreshes and shows the latest data.



Saving Web Pages as Bookmarks


When you are browsing the Web and wish to remember a URL for future reference, you may save it as a Bookmark.  To save a Bookmark, do the following:


1.  Browse to the Web page you want to save.

2.  Select Bookmark This Location from the File menu or click on the Bookmark icon (star) next to the URL bar and a bookmark dialog will appear.





3.  Edit the name or location of the Bookmark, and then select the OK button to save.  The Bookmark will appear in your Bookmarks Toolbar



Saving Data Sets as Bookmarks


Saving Data tables as bookmarks is just as easy as saving regular bookmarks.


1.  Click on a URL that contains a data table (e.g., CSV table or RSS feed) and opens up into a table in Strata.

2.  The URL bar will contain the path to this data set.  Select Bookmark This Location from the File menu or the  Star icon in the URL bar and follow the same steps as discussed above.


NOTE 1:  At this time, data links can only be made using data sets with a URL, such as a CSV file or RSS feed.  Data links cannot be made to specific HTML tables embedded in a web page.


NOTE 2:  If you wish to bookmark a script and run it directly from the bookmark toolbar, select the checkbox "Run Target" when bookmarking your script.



Learn More


For further information about the web and bookmarks toolbar, see the Browsing the Web section.