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By default, the Kirix Strata download automatically provides you with a free 30-day trial period.  You can just install the software and begin using it to see if you like it.  However, after 30 days, the software must be activated to continue using it.  In order to activate, a serial number must be used.  This serial number can be obtained by purchasing a license from the Kirix online store.


Once you have a serial number, there are two options for activating the software:  you may either activate automatically, using the serial number provided in your email confirmation, or manually, using a code available in your Account on the Kirix website.


To activate the software, select Activate from the Help menu and the activation dialog will appear, where you can enter your information.



Activate Automatically


Activating automatically over the internet is the easiest way to get your software up and running.  Simply enter your serial code (provided in your email confirmation) and then click the OK button.  Your license will authenticate over the Internet and you'll be able to begin using the software immediately.



Activate Manually


Sometimes it is difficult to activate automatically, which is often caused by restrictions set up by corporate firewalls.  If you find yourself in this situation, you can still activate your license using a manually-generated Activation Code.


To obtain an Activation Code manually, login to your Kirix Account, select the Generate Activation Code link and follow the instructions provided.  Once you have your Activation Code, enter it into the appropriate box in the License Manager and click the OK button.



Further Help


If you need further assistance activating your license, please contact Kirix Support at and we'll be happy to help you.