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Below are explanations and links related to the items in the Tools Menu:





Opens the relationships panel, which enables you to set and manage linked tables.


Related Records


If a relationship is defined, you may choose different options for filtering related records within the child table.


Run Script/Query


Runs a script or runs a query, depending on which is in the current tab.


Cancel Job


Cancels a script or other job that is running.


Divide Table...


Opens a divide/splitting dialog, which is a utility to divide an existing data set into multiple data sets.


Merge Tables...


Opens a merge dialog, which is a utility to merge multiple data sets together into a single table.


Compact Project


Removes unused temporary files from your project to free up system resources.




Opens the jobs manager, which enables you to monitor current and past data operations.


Schedule Jobs...


Opens the job scheduler, which enables you to schedule queries and scripts to run at certain times in the future.




Opens the extensions manager, which enables you to view and manage any extensions you've installed.




Displays the Options dialog, where you can change preferences for the software, including those for the internet, privacy, datasheets, reports and scripts.  You may also change your start-up options, default home page, toolbar icon size and automatic update checks from the General tab.