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When you make changes to your data table, such as adding new records, editing cells, replacing values, or deleting records, Strata automatically saves the changes to your table.  Because these changes are automatic, the Save functionality is used primarily for saving external and untitled data tables to your project as well as doing other tasks, such as saving a report.


For instance, when you open a CSV file from your desktop, you can begin using the external table.  However, sometimes it is beneficial to save the table to a project for such tasks as running a query, creating a relationship or reducing processing time for large data sets.  Similarly, if you open an HTML Table from the Web, it appears as an "Untitled" data set.  You can save this to your project using the Save command.


You may also have "Untitled" tables after performing various data operations.  For instance, if you use the Copy operation, the newly created table will be "Untitled" as well.  To save this data set to your project, you must use the Save command.



Saving a Table to a Project


To save a table, simply click on the table you wish to save and then select Save from the File menu (or click on the Save icon on the Bookmarks Toolbar).  A dialog will open.  Select the folder you wish to save to (if any) and then enter the name of your new table in the box.  Click the Save button to save your table to your project.



Saving Queries, Reports and Scripts to a Project


In addition to data tables, you may also use the Save functionality in the same way with queries, reports and scripts.  See those individual sections for further information.