Using Save As External

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The Save As External functionality makes it easy to perform quick data transformations.  For instance, if you have a table in Strata and wanted to save it locally as a CSV or DBF file, you would use Save As External to perform this operation.


You can take data tables that are already open in Strata and save them locally to the following file types:


Comma-separated text files (CSV)
Tab-separated text files (TSV)
Fixed-length files (TXT)
Microsoft FoxPro/XBase Files (DBF)
Microsoft Access Files (MBD, ACCDB)
Microsoft Excel Files (XLS, XLSX)
Package Files (KPG)





To save a table in this way, open the table and select "Save As External" from the File menu.  Enter a file name and then select the file type you wan to save it to.  Click the Save button to finish the operation.