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Bookmarks are used to save a reference to a web page or data set that you want to remember.  Bookmarks, or Favorites, are a common tool in all major web browsers.  Strata lets you save and organize them in a similar way to other browsers.  See below for discussion about saving and managing your bookmarks.



Saving Bookmarks


Once you have a URL you wish to save for future use, you may save this to your Bookmarks toolbar. Learn more about Saving Bookmarks here.



Organizing your Bookmarks with the Bookmarks Toolbar


When you save Bookmarks,they are stored in the Bookmarks Toolbar.




Using Bookmarks


Open a bookmark by clicking on it or right-clicking and selecting "Open"
Move a bookmark to another position on the toolbar by selecting it and dragging it to the new location.
Rename a bookmark by right-clicking it and selecting Properties.


Using Bookmark Folders


Create a folder by right-clicking on the toolbar and selecting New Folder.
Add bookmarks to a folder by dragging the bookmark into the folder, either directly from the URL Bar or from the toolbar.
Open all items from a folder into different tabs by right-clicking the folder and selecting Open All in Tabs.
Move a Folder by holding the CTRL key and selecting the folder.  You can then drag the folder to a different location on the toolbar.
Rename a folder by right-clicking on the folder and selecting Properties.



Document and Data Operation Icons


The Bookmarks toolbar also includes some additional icons on the far left side, which enable you to quickly create new documents as well as open and save them.  Additionally, the toolbar includes icons for working with a dataset, including sorting, creating calculated fields, grouping, filtering and filtering related records.