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The Project Manager is a tool that enables you manage and organize your projects.  To open the Project Manager, select Project Manager from the Tools menu.






Opening and Renaming Projects



The Project Manager displays the project name, its location on your hard drive and the size of the project, which includes all your data files, scripts, reports, etc.  You can open a new project by either double-clicking on the project name or by selecting the project you wish to open and clicking the Open Project button.  The Project Manager dialog will close and your selected project will be available for use.


If you wish to rename your project, simply right-click on the project name and select Rename.



Removing and Deleting Projects



Projects can be removed from the Project Manager in two different ways:


1.To simply remove the project from the list, you can right-click and select "Remove from List."  This will remove the project from the list, but not touch the actual contents of the Project located on your hard drive.  You may wish to use this option if you want to organize your projects, but not actually delete your data files.
2.To permanently delete your project, right-click on the project name and select "Delete."  This will delete the project and all related data files, report templates, scripts, bookmarks and other items associated with this project.


NOTE:  Only use "Delete" if you are absolutely certain you wish to permanently eliminate the selected project and related files.  Once deleted, the project cannot be restored.



Project Preferences


Strata enables you to set your preferences to control which project opens upon startup.  To set your preferences, select Options from the Tools menu:




In the startup section under the General tab, you can either show the Project Manager upon startup or you can open a certain project by default.  If you select "<Last Open Project>", the most recent project used will always open by default upon next startup.



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