Using the Project Panel

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The project panel is the place where you can manage the files within your project.  You can open the project panel is a variety of ways:


Select Project Panel from the View menu.
Click the Project Panel icon in the status bar on the bottom left of your screen.
Select CTRL+B to toggle the panel on and off.





The project panel shows all your files, such as tables, reports, scripts and queries.  You can move files into folders by selecting the item(s) and dragging them into the folder of your choice.  You can also delete and rename items and view their properties by right-clicking an item and selecting the appropriate option from the right-click menu.



Compact Project


You may "clean up" your project by selecting Compact Project from the Tools menu.  This process removes unnecessary temporary files to free up additional space on your hard drive.  This may take a few seconds or minutes depending on the size of your project.