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Tutorial Videos


These videos provide instructions how to use specific features:


Getting Started: This video offers a short guide to help you get around Strata's controls and tools.  It covers a wide range of areas including projects, tabs, panels, menus and views.
Opening and Saving Data Sets:  Learn how to work with local data files (e.g., CSV, DBF), connect to external databases (e.g., Oracle, SQL Server), and use Web data (e.g., HTML tables, RSS).
Working with Calculated Fields: Learn how to use calculated fields for effective analysis.  In part I, learn the basics; in part II, learn to apply functions for more advanced data cleansing.
Sorting Data: Learn how to sort fields in a certain order (such as alphabetically or numerically), different sorting options, as well as how to save custom sort orders (indexes).
Filtering Data: Filtering enables you to reduce a data set to a smaller number of records based on some criteria.  Learn how to filter your data with Strata's quick filter and cell-criteria filter as well as with custom formulas.
Creating Reports: Learn how to quickly create reports, similar to how you would with a spreadsheet.  Also learn how to format, add groups and sort orders, switch views, print and save as a PDF file.


Examples and Demonstrations


These videos show different examples and software applications:


Software Overview:  This is an overview demonstration.  It walks though an example of using a file from a database, combining it with data from the Web and then creating a report.
Explore a New Data Table:  When you have some new data, it pays to do a few tests up front to make sure the set is complete and accurate.  This video explores identifying issues using summaries and date range checks.
Using Multiple Databases from a Single Interface:  Different corporate systems run on different databases (e.g., Oracle, MySQL). Strata enables you to access and work with your data from multiple systems at once from a single interface.
Cleaning up Dirty Data:  Data with errors and inconsistent formatting is more common than one would hope.  This video shows how Strata makes it easy to clean up "dirty data" -- in this case phone number formatting.
Working with Large Amounts of Data:  Unlike most desktop data tools, Strata does not suffer from row limitations or 2 gigabyte file restrictions.  This video shows multiple processes using a 7 million record file.
Creating Reports Quickly: Strata makes it really easy to create quick, ad hoc reports.  This video shows how  it's spreadsheet like feel makes it simple to create sophisticated reports in minutes.
Opening and Using Text-delimited Files (e.g., CSV):  Text files, such as CSV, TSV, fixed-length, and EBCDIC files, are commonly used to share data. Strata provides and extremely intuitive tool to open and work with text files.
Converting and Transforming EBCDIC files to ASCII:  EBCDIC is a mainframe format that often needs to be converted before being used in other tools. Strata makes it really easy to convert EBCDIC tables to ASCII.



NOTE:  To view these video tutorials and examples, you must have an internet connection available.  For an up-to-date library, please visit our online video archive page here.