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Digg Import

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by Jeff Engel | 9 Comments |

The Digg Import extension enables you to query the social news site Digg and returns the results in a table.  This extension uses the Digg API and lets you query based on date, story category and user name.  With the Digg API, you have access to the entire history of the Digg database since its inception in December 2004. More »

Version 1.0.685; Nov 04, 2008

Sliding Tile Picture Puzzle

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by Jeff Engel | 23 Comments |

The Sliding Tile Picture Puzzle extension is an implementation of the classic sliding tile game.  The object is to place each tile in its proper order by moving the pieces around.  The catch is that there is only one empty space to which you may slide the tiles.  This extension enables you to play with either numbered tiles or different pictures of varying difficulty and is also an example of some of the graphical capabilities of the JavaScript scripting. More »

Version 1.0.607; Aug 06, 2008

Lokad Forecasting Plug-in

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by Jeff Engel | 5 Comments |

The Lokad Forecasting extension enables you to create ad hoc business forecasts directly from within Strata using time-series data.  This extension utilizes the Lokad forecasting web service, which uses advanced algorithms to generate forecasts with better accuracy than traditional forecasting methods. More »

Version 1.0.685; Nov 04, 2008

Benford’s Law and Fraud Detection Analysis

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by Jeff Engel | 21 Comments |

The Benford’s Law and Fraud Detection Analysis enables you to graph a data set against a Benford’s law curve to find abnormalities within the data.  This enables you to quickly ascertain the accuracy of the data, which is particularly helpful for detecting fraud in various business data such as check payment amounts.  For further information, you can see a video of this extension here. More »

Version 1.1.772; Dec 17, 2008

Date Range Analysis

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by Aaron Williams | 10 Comments |

This date range utility takes a table and, for any date fields within that table, shows the distribution of dates by month and year. A date range summary is useful when you need to know the overall time period covered by a data set. It is also useful to determine if the data contains any significant gaps. More »

Version 1.0.1; Nov 04, 2008

Apache Log Import

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by Aaron Williams | 4 Comments |

This extension enables you to quickly import your Apache web logs into Strata. This tool imports and appends multiple, raw Apache web logs into a single table and parses the data into the appropriate columns. It works with both the Apache common and combined log formats. More »

Version 1.0.1; Nov 04, 2008

Hello, World Wide Web

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by David Williams | 26 Comments |

This is our extended take on the classic “Hello World” application to show an aspect of how extensions can interact with the web. The extension opens a separate web browser window and enables you to select “Hello World” from Google, Yahoo or Wikipedia in four different languages. It is meant to be an example extension, which shows how to create a tool with web connectivity, buttons and combo boxes via a script. More »

Version 1.0.0; Jun 16, 2008

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