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Classes By Name Overview

Here are the classes listed by name in alphabetical order.


wxDOMAttr Encapsulates a DOM attribute.
wxDOMDocument Encapsulates a DOM document node.
wxDOMElement Encapsulates a DOM element.
wxDOMEvent Encapsulates a DOM event.
wxDOMHTMLAnchorElement Encapsulates a DOM anchor element.
wxDOMHTMLButtonElement Encapsulates a DOM HTML button element.
wxDOMHTMLElement Encapsulates a DOM HTML element.
wxDOMHTMLInputElement Encapsulates a DOM HTML input element.
wxDOMHTMLLinkElement Encapsulates a DOM HTML link element.
wxDOMHTMLOptionElement Encapsulates a DOM HTML option element.
wxDOMHTMLParamElement Encapsulates a DOM HTML param element.
wxDOMHTMLSelectElement Encapsulates a DOM HTML select element.
wxDOMHTMLTextAreaElement Encapsulates a DOM HTML text area element.
wxDOMMouseEvent Encapsulates a DOM mouse event.
wxDOMNamedNodeMap Encapsulates a DOM named node map.
wxDOMNode Encapsulates a DOM node.
wxDOMNodeList Encapsulates a DOM node list.
wxDOMText Encapsulates a DOM text node.
wxWebContentHandler Used for intercepting and handling specific types of content in order to override the default manner in which the web control handles certain types of content.
wxWebControl Primary web browser control. Used for displaying and interacting with web content.
wxWebDialog Used for displaying a web browser control in a popup.
wxWebEvent Primary web browser event. Encapsulates information about web control state changes, status changes, and other web-related events.
wxWebFrame Used for displaying a web browser control in a popup.
wxWebPostData Used for building up a POST request, which can be issued through wxWebControl::openURI().
wxWebPreferences Used for configuring a the preferences of a web control.
wxWebProgressBase Used to get information about the progress of a download. Progress information receivers should derive from this class and override the desired methods.