What People are Saying About Kirix Strata Software

What People Are Saying

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As an analyst at a web consultancy that specializes in building data-rich applications I do a lot of work with MySQL databases. As opposed to complex SQL statements that require a prior understanding of database structure and values, Kirix Strata™ allows me to analyze by iteration -- letting me "see" the data as I tweak and explore it.  Strata is the ultimate data playground, turning the tedium of tackling large data sets into tasks of exploration and discovery.

-- Greg Baugues, Business Analyst, Table XI LLC

Kirix Strata fills a data analysis gap that no other product fills.  It allows me to mash up and analyze data from all different sources efficiently and effectively.  I'm able to extract from EDI data and CSV files, then cross reference them against Oracle tables in order to rapidly produce critical business reports related to specific partners.  I can also evaluate my system's performance levels by importing the output of vmstat or pulling data directly from tables in HP OpenView Performance Manager running on Microsoft SQL Server.  No other tool allows me to do this so quickly.

-- Brian Yoon, e-Business Operations, W.W. Grainger, Inc.

Thank you for helping me save so much time and duplicated effort working with my clients' data.  Kirix Strata's a snap to use and really makes creating quick calculations, writing queries and running projections a breeze.   Thanks again for such a great product.

-- Jan Werner, Principal, Werner Audit Services

With all the data mining we perform, I wouldn't want to do it without Kirix Strata.  Recently, we used Strata to analyze over 150 million records of transaction data.  Not only can Strata handle the data, but it's very agile. Features such as summarizing fields on demand, dynamically using data from other tables in real-time, and being able to add new logic to a data set with just the click of the mouse make Strata the most powerful database software I've used.  Considering Strata is used on desktop computers, I can multiply efforts in our company in a very cost-effective manner.

-- Brock Young, President, Pinpoint Solutions Corporation

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