Why Use Strata For Your Data Analysis?

Why Choose Kirix Strata?

The three official reasons to tell your boss

1. Your data has a story to tell.

A sizable investment goes into building websites, web services, business intelligence platforms and other IT infrastructure.  The data at the heart of all this machinery can be extremely beneficial — if you can gather useful information and insights from it.

Kirix Strata™ is the ideal tool to help you unlock this value.  It's simple enough for just about anyone to use, and provides a flexible work environment to whip your data into shape.  It can help you cut through the clutter of new, unfamiliar data sets and then quickly transform and assemble these raw materials into a relevant and useful resource.

2. Your time is valuable

Strata is all about getting things done quickly.  It provides you all the tools you need, but never gets in the way.  For data analysis tasks, it removes many of the time-consuming parts, such as going through an import process to work with data, determining data structure and writing SQL statements.  For developers, it provides a toolkit for creating quick, ad hoc applications locally or for the Web or creating reports for your business team.  And Strata is fast — it cuts through a data set like a hot knife through butter.

3. Your imagination should not be limited.

For most people, a grid of data is a confounding proposition.  But, for you, it is a canvas with endless possibilities and permutations.  Your data analysis tool shouldn't limit the innate desire for creativity and exploration.

Strata not only enables you to work with far more data than a standard spreadsheet or desktop database, but it provides easy-to-use analytical tools that provide you with instant feedback.  For instance, if you want to create a calculation, see the value appear on screen as you type... and then build other calculations on top of it.  Color your rows based on formulas you construct.  Show groups visually on screen.  Try out new ideas without wasting time.  Never lose your train of thought again.