wxWebConnect: Advanced Web Browser Library for wxWidgets

The wxWebConnect Project

Web Browser Control Library for wxWidgets

wxWebConnect is a Web Browser Control library for wxWidgets that enables developers to quickly integrate advanced Web browser capabilities into their own applications.

To achieve these capabilities, wxWebConnect wraps functionality exposed by the Mozilla Foundation's Gecko engine (XULRunner) into a set of user-friendly classes, allowing developers to easily embed browser controls, search web content, print web pages, interact with the DOM, implement custom content handling for different MIME types, issue POST calls using the browser content state, and perform other advanced operations.

This website is the central location for all things pertaining to wxWebConnect, such as learning about its capabilities, downloading a sample application, viewing screenshots and finding documentation.  The wxWebConnect forum is also a great place for submitting questions, feedback, bugs, and patches.

Watch a 90-second demonstration

For a quick look at wxWebConnect using a real-world use case, please watch the video below:


Thanks for visiting.  If you have any questions, comments or patches for wxWebConnect, please feel free to post them at the wxWebConnect Forums.