wxWebConnect Downloads

wxWebConnect Downloads

wxWebConnect Library

Here's the latest stable release for wxWebConnect, which contains everything you need to get started, including the source code for the library, the sample application. You will need to separately download Xulrunner 9.0.1 and place it in a subdirectory called "xr":

Download wxWebConnect Source Code v1.2 - zip (192 kB)  »

Download wxWebConnect Source Code v1.2 - tar.gz (204 kB)  »

wxWebConnect Sample Application

Below is a pre-compiled executable of the wxWebConnect sample application.  You can find the source for this application in the wxWebConnect Source download.  At this time, the wxWebConnect sample application is for Windows only (Win32 Binary, exe, 1.4 MB). If you do not have access to a Windows system, you may view a short video demonstration of the sample application here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This executable contains an unmodified binary version of the open-source XULRunner engine as provided by the Mozilla Foundation. Please read the license terms and notices for the XULRunner engine. This executable uses XULRunner version 1.9.2.

Download wxWebConnect Sample Application v1.1 - zip (7.0 MB)  »