wxWebConnect: Advanced Web Browser Library for wxWidgets

About wxWebConnect


wxWebConnect is a Web Browser Control library for wxWidgets that enables developers to quickly integrate advanced web browser capabilities into their own applications.

To achieve these capabilities, wxWebConnect wraps functionality exposed by the Mozilla Foundation's Gecko engine (XULRunner) into a set of user-friendly classes, allowing developers to easily embed browser controls, search web content, print web pages, interact with the DOM, implement custom content handling for different MIME types, issue POST calls using the current browser state, and perform other advanced operations.

With wxWebConnect, developers can:

 Embed browser controls with basic functionality, including:

  • Opening and displaying web pages
  • Web page navigation, including Back, Forward, Stop, Reload
  • Find operations
  • Clipboard operations, including Cut, Copy, CopyLink, Paste, and content selection
  • Web page display, including zooming and displaying source
  • Web page printing

 Configure browser control preferences, including:

  • Setting the user agent
  • Controlling popup policies
  • Configuring cookie behavior and other privacy settings
  • Configuring proxy settings
  • Setting plugin paths for automatically adding plugins such as FLASH

 Add custom content handlers, for custom handling of different MIME types

 Handle events, including events for:

  • URI, title and location changes
  • DOM events, including for when the DOM content is loaded
  • Content interaction, including mouse clicks, drag&drop, and context menus
  • Content handling, such as whether or not a content type should be handled
  • Content downloads
  • Web state changes, including redirects and transfers
  • Web response results, including success, files not found, refused connections, and timeouts
  • Web status changes for updating the status bar

Programmatically interact with the DOM, including:

  • Determining if the DOM content is loaded
  • Navigating the DOM hierarchy, including the Document, Elements, Nodes, and Attributes
  • Accessing and setting properties for many element types, including Text Area, Anchor, Button, Input, Link, and Option elements
  • Handle DOM mouse events

Issue POST calls using the current browser state

Execute JavaScript code directly from within a program

Further Information

For a quick look at wxWebConnect, please view the wxWebConnect video demonstration or download a sample application.  If you have any questions or comments, please post them in the wxWebConnect forums.