Kirix Strata Examples

So many possible applications, so little space...

Whether you're an IT professional, a business analyst, an internal auditor, or somebody who just needs to create an ad hoc report, Strata can make your life easier. Here are just a few examples:

Explore a New Data Set

Identify potential problems in a new data set. Correct the issues before your analysis to prevent problems down the road.

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Many Databases, One Screen

Ever want to just drag and drop Oracle tables into SQL Server? Access, manipulate and join data from multiple back-end systems.

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Clean up Dirty Data

Got a field with odd formatting? Need to pull out a piece of data embedded in a field? Quickly clean up your data.

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Millions of Rows

There are no 2 GB file size limits or row constraints here. Work with as much data as you have and do it quickly.

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Ad Hoc Reports

Create ad hoc reports in minutes. Work with your local data files or create reports directly from Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, etc.

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CSV Made Simple

Strata transforms your fixed-length and text-delimited files before your eyes. No wizards needed; start analyzing immediately.

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Instant EBCDIC Conversion

Don't pay an arm and a leg for conversion software. Take your mainframe EBCDIC files and convert them to ASCII in no time.

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Screen Auditing and Editing

Work with your structured data with a spreadsheet-like GUI. Highlight rows based on formulas and, if you wish, edit cells directly.

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Easy Data Collaboration

Got a single data file that needs to be edited or analyzed by multiple people? Use Strata as a data collaboration front-end tool.

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Quick Table Analytics

Group records together and find aggregate values in seconds. Dig deeper into your data; no SQL syntax required.

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Prototype a new database

Gather different tables from local files or existing database systems. Quickly populate a new database by dragging and dropping.

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PDF Reports from Oracle

Create reports directly from database systems like Oracle and MySQL. Print reports or save as PDFs to share with others.

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