Screen Auditing and Editing

Screen Auditing and Editing

Mark up, massage and edit your data as you work

Most data tools are either inflexible or can't handle a lot of data.  It's just the nature of things -- databases are optimized for storing and managing data, not flexibility; spreadsheets are optimized for flexibility, not speed or power.  Kirix Strataâ„¢ combines spreadsheet-like flexibilities without sacrificing the database power you need.  With Strata you can:

  • Access and work with millions of records and 100s of gigabytes of data
  • Mark up your screen by highlighting rows based on formulas
  • Edit your view, move columns around and show groups on screen
  • Quickly filter records to a specific subset and copy them out to new table
  • Edit your data on screen and add new fields or records as needed

Try Strata for Free!

It's easy and risk-free; download a free, unrestricted 30 day trial of Strata now! The installation only takes a few minutes, so you can start working with your data immediately.

If you'd like to take a little more time to explore further, we'd suggest you'd take a look at the Strata overview video or check out some other example applications. And, if you have any questions, please just let us know, we're always happy to help.