Instant EBCDIC Conversion

Import and Convert EBCDIC Data

Quickly take an EBCDIC file and transform it to ASCII

A table of mainframe EBCDIC data it is almost useless without a proper conversion program.  In addition to its many other conversion and analytics capabilities, Kirix Strataâ„¢ can also transform EBCDIC to ASCII.  Instead of purchasing a costly conversion program or outsourcing conversion to a third-party, why not just let Strata do it for you?  With Strata you can:

  • Open and view EBCDIC data
  • Convert EBCDIC to ASCII
  • Immediately begin to work with and analyze the data set
  • Transform your new table to a different format (CSV, MDB, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.)
  • Create a script with EBCDIC offsets to develop repeatable processes

Watch a 90-second demonstration

Want to explore data conversion further?  Check out this tutorial video on opening, saving and converting data to learn more.  Additionally, you can watch a video specifically on text-delimited file (e.g., CSV, TSV) conversion here.

Try Strata for Free!

It's easy and risk-free; download a free, unrestricted 30 day trial of Strata now! The installation only takes a few minutes, so you can start working with your data immediately.

If you'd like to take a little more time to explore further, we'd suggest you'd take a look at the Strata overview video or check out some other example applications. And, if you have any questions, please just let us know, we're always happy to help.