About Kirix Research

About Kirix

Why We Do What We Do

We think data should be a lot easier to use.  In fact, we believe that working with data should actually be an enjoyable experience.

So, to that end, we've developed a data browser that attempts to combat the issues surrounding data usability.  Data has been captured and systems have been built but, in our experience, easy-to-use analysis tools are a lot harder to come by.  Things start to get even more interesting when you throw the World Wide Web into the mix.  It is, after all, the largest database in the world.

Thanks for stopping by; please feel free to try out Kirix Strata for yourself and then let us know if you think we're on the right track.

Who are we?

Kirix was formed in 2001 by Nate Williams, Aaron Williams, Ken Kaczmarek, Ben Williams and Dave Williams (yep, that's four brothers and a friend).  We've done a lot of data analysis and software development in that time and have had a particular specialty in identifying duplicate payments and other overpayment errors in large corporate accounting systems.  And now, by generalizing our tool set and incorporating Web connectivity into our software, we get to try and apply all that analytical firepower to all kinds of data regardless of where it is located -- even data on the Web.

Kirix is privately funded and located in Elmhurst, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.