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Kirix Labs

Open-source libraries for the developer community

Welcome to the Kirix Labs!

We've certainly benefited from a variety of great of open-source software.  In fact, we use libraries like wxWidgets and the Mozilla Foundation's XULRunner in our own products.  With Kirix Labs, we hope to do our small part by furthering the open-source community with tools that we have developed.  

To that end, we're pleased to provide the open-source tools below for your own use.  Over time, we'll increase this selection, so please stay tuned for updates in the future.

The wxAUI Project

wxWebConnect is a Web Browser Control library for wxWidgets that enables developers to quickly integrate Web browser capabilities into their own applications.  wxWebConnect wraps functionality exposed by the Mozilla Foundation's XULRunner engine into a set of user-friendly classes.  Please visit the wxWebConnect Project page or watch a demonstration video for further information.