Kirix Strata: Software for Business Analysts

Kirix Strata Overview

Built for people who work with data

Kirix Strata™ was built for people who work with structured data on a regular basis -- people like business analysts, researchers and IT professionals.  It's an advanced desktop data analysis tool that offers the familiar, ad hoc interface of a spreadsheet with the power and speed found in a back-end database system.

Kirix Strata provides you with an easy way to access and manipulate your data -- whether you are a spreadsheet guru who needs to handle large data sets, a desktop database user who wants more flexibility or freedom from file size limits, or an IT pro who needs to connect to multiple databases and produce quick reports.

Data workflow made easy

Working with data can often be an arduous process.  First you need to access your data and get it in the correct format.  Then you need to get a tool that can not only handle the data size, but also give you the flexibility to work with it quickly.  Finally, if you get that far, you need to figure out a way to share your results with other people.  Kirix Strata is the solution to these common data issues:

1. Access data from anywhere.  Strata enables you to work with data from almost anywhere.  Like a spreadsheet or desktop database, you can open up text files, as well as XLS, MDB, DBF, and EBCDIC formats.  In addition, you can also connect directly to back-end databases like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and ODBC data sources. Since Strata can handle the Web, you can also get data directly from the websites, including HTML tables, CSV files embedded in URLs and RSS data.

2. Work without file size restrictions. Strata doesn't limit how much data you can use; if you wish, work with hundreds of millions of records and gigabytes of data.  In fact, Strata has a data capacity of over 18 exabytes per project, with support for over 60 billion records per table and over 250 million tables per project.

3. Manipulate and analyze data intuitively. Now that you have your data, you don't want to spend your entire day working with it.  Strata provides easy-to-use tools to do all the things that one could do with powerful databases, and then some.  And, if you happen to know SQL or how to script, you can use these advanced features too.

4. Share your results with ease. Once you've finished your analysis, Strata makes it really easy to share the data with other people.  You can copy and paste into a spreadsheet, export data into a wide variety of common formats, save tables into database systems, and create reports and save them as PDF files.

See how it works

Similar to a spreadsheet or desktop database, Kirix Strata can be applied to an infinite number of data situations.  In particular, it really shines when applied to ad hoc analysis and large data sets:

  • Explore a New Data Set: Get to know a new table. Watch Video »
  • Multiple Databases, One Interface: Connect to Oracle, SQL Server, etc. Watch Video »
  • Clean Up Dirty Data:  Quickly reformat inconsistent data. Watch Video »
  • Work with Millions of Rows: Freedom from row and file size limitations. Watch Video »
  • Quick, Ad Hoc Reports: Create sophisticated reports in minutes. Watch Video »
  • Text Files Made Simple: Never blindly open text-files again. Watch Video »

This is just a sampling of what Strata can do; check out the examples page to learn more.  If you don't see what you need, please feel free to contact us and ask us if Strata is right for you.

There's also a lot more complex stuff that Strata can do, like SQL connectivity, relationships, building queries, scripting (JavaScript), and working with Web APIs.  Got a tough task you think Strata can help you with?  Just contact us and we'll be happy to talk it through.

Learn more

As a final note, the best way to see if Strata is right for you is to simply see how it works.  Please watch this quick video demonstration to get an overview.  For additional information, please see the following pages: