Press Kit

Thank you for your interest in Kirix Strata™

We're always happy to chat with members of the press and provide webcast demonstrations of our product. Below you'll find some information about our company and products. If you wish to review our software, please find a link to a full version of Kirix Strata below. Lastly, we've included logos and images that you may use in your articles.

About Kirix and our Products

Kirix Strata is a "data browser" — a fusion of a web browser and a built-in relational database.  Strata brings the sensibilities and simplicity of a web browser to the world of tabular data and makes it really easy to access, view and use data from any source.  This includes local data files (e.g., XLS, CSV, MDB), database systems (e.g., MySQL and Oracle) as well as data from the web (e.g., HTML tables, RSS, CSV).

For further information, please see the Strata overview page.  Additionally, we highly recommend you view the screencast demonstration video (6½ minutes), which offers a quick overview of what the software is all about.  

Kirix was founded in 2001, specializing in data analysis consulting and software development.  For further information about the company, please see our About page.

Download Kirix Strata

You may download Kirix Strata for Windows by clicking the Download button below:

Kirix Strata for Windows

(.msi, 40.0 MB)

For help installing the software, please see the Kirix Strata Installation Guide.  If you need any help unlocking and activating the software, please see our guide to .  If you did not receive a serial number, please just contact us and we'll be happy to help you get what you need.

Kirix Logos and Image

You may use our logos to accompany your product reviews, blog entries and any other articles about Kirix and Kirix Strata.  Below are images in both EPS and PNG format.  If you need an alternative image format, just let us know:

Need Anything Else?

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us at press at and we'll be happy to help you.