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Kirix Strata Beta 2 Now Available

Hi everyone, we’ve now got a new beta iteration up and available for download.

Proxy Configuration Screenshot

Strata Beta 2 includes the following new features and bug fixes:

  • Added proxy configuration support (see screenshot above) as requested here. To adjust your settings, go to Tools>Options>Internet Tab.
  • Fixed the overly-eager numeric auto-sensing for things such as ip addresses ( and English Premier League scores (1-2) first reported here.
  • Fixed the web page source view issue as reported here. Note that you can now toggle between views by either using the “View” menu, by clicking on the “Toggle View” icon from the toolbar or via the right-click menu on web pages.
  • Fixed the Ubuntu installation issues as reported in many places.
  • Fixed the MySQL DateTime issue reported here.
  • Also fixed the MySQL off-by-one issue as reported here.
  • Fixed the column break issue reported here.
  • Fixed a whole bunch of additional nickel and dime issues such as adding new hot keys, fixing some menu issues, and cleaning up some scripting bugs.
  • We also have updated our documentation related to Strata’s scripting. Still a lot more to go, but it’s something we’ll be building on in the coming weeks.

We’ve also upgraded our build process so hopefully we’ll be able to turnaround new beta iterations more frequently from here on out. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this beta effort (and, as an aside, have earned themselves a free license when Strata is released), either via the forum, the bug report form or via support emails. Please keep ‘em coming!

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